Guided Example to Set Up an API using Python and Flask to Make Data Accessible to Users

<All code for this post can be found here>

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API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a software intermediary that allows systems to communicate with each other. Most businesses online have likely built APIs for customers and/or for internal use. …

10 Guided Examples to Help You Understand Regex

Regular Expressions (Regex) is an essential tool for text analytics. It is powerful in searching and manipulating text strings. Compared to the traditional approach for processing strings with a combination of loops and conditionals, one line of regex can replace many lines of code. Some well known use cases for such text processing include:

  • Input Validation such as password, email, name, etc.
  • Transformation such as splitting, replacements, etc.
  • Data Mining via web scraping, log searches, etc.

Making the Most out of Decision Trees

<You can find the code used for demonstrate here>

Tree-based classification models are a type of supervised machine learning algorithm that uses a series of conditional statements to partition training data into subsets. …

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